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First Smoke coming up

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Finally got the smoker I wanted now. My wife has never had smoked anything and I want her to have a good experience. Anyone have a suggestion on what kind of wood I should use for first time smoke eater? I will be cooking ribs...
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i did some ribs for the first time 2 weeks ago and just used what i had laying around (hickory) and it was awesome with the pork ribs

if your not 100% sure that your lady will like the full smoke flavor i would suggest only using the wood for an hour or two and just let charcoal do the rest of the work

this is what i had to do because mine really does not like that hardcore flavor....maybe i need to experiment with some lighter woods but i kinda believe its just the smoke taste to begin with that she has issues about

hope this helps and good luck with those ribs!
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Personally i love hickory on most stuff...but it is a heavy flavor. I started using Cherry in place when i have guests im cooking for and not sure of their tastes. It is quickly becoming my favorite all around wood. Its much lighter but still with a distinct smoke taste. Plus it grows everywhere here.
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That is a tough question and more seasoned folks will chime in here but here's my .02 worth.

I like to use some sort of fruit wood (apple, cherry, etc.) with pork or poultry and hickory or maybe mesquite with beef.

I wouldn't even touch mesquite if you or a guest isn't sure about whether they like the smoky flavor though.
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Agreed...fruit woods are usually much milder, I like peach and apple.
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Awesome thanks for the advice! Fruit woods here I come :D
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I like mixing Hickory and Cherry or apple.
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That would be a good mix for a nice mild smoke.
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I like using apple
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