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Brisket point cut sold seperate????

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Just out of curiousity, what name do they sell the point cut of the brisket as by itself. I can find full packers, and flats here but have never seen a piece of beef labeled as the "point" cut. They cut the point off to sell flats, where's the point go???? Maybe its just where I live, not sure. Figured maybe I could find some and smoke them as I seem to like the flavor and texture of that part of the full packer the best.

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In my local grocery stores, they sell they as "Corned Beef Briskets." If you look at the label, it will should "Point Cut" on it somewhere.
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I was looking for other than "corned beef" cut. trying to keep it uncured
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You should be able to go directly to a butcher shop & ask for that specific cut of meat.
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I've never seen the point sold separately around here... maybe an actual butcher shop, which are very hard to find these days, would have them or could get them for you.
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I have never seen a point sold seperately either, its either packer or flat around here.
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Soooooo, where the H*** does the point go? I certainly see alot flats for sale.
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there is one butcher pretty close to where I work and another close to where I live. I'm certain either would sell you just the point. I dont think Denver is lacking in the butcher department. I'm guessing that the point from the packer is either ground up for hamburger or made into corned beef.
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Butcher takes it home, possibly marinades it, rubs it in Montreal Steak spice or salt and pepper, and makes himself a sinfuly delicious roast.


At least that is what I would do. Or burnt ends.
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