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1st Qview Attempt (Beer Can Chicken)

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I'm still working on my UDS but I did manage to get my other toy put together and I tried my first indirect cook on it this evening. From the way it turned out I will definitely by modifying the exhaust to bring it down to grate level for indirect smokes.

It's not quite low and slow but it will have to work until the UDS is finished.

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Your chicken looks great to me so I'm sure you will learn the low and slow but the whole indirect smoke is alittle tricky. Heck maybe thats why I'm a gasser.
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Looks great for a first time!

R U in Columbus?
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Good job !!!!!!!
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I haven't done beer can chicken as of yet but that looks good to me.
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I love doing beer can chicken, yours looks wonderful
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Thanks everyone!icon_smile.gif

Hopefully the new mod will help distribute the heat better. The bottom of the legs didn't get much heat so I had to put them over the coals to finish them up even after the bird was at temp. It's a learning process, but soooo much less of a learning curve thanks to all of you that give us newbies some direction.

Werdwolf: I live in Reynoldsburg, just east of Columbus.
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