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Building a new smoker from scratch

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I am about to start on my first smoker build. I have all the tools and fab skills to build it from scratch. I want to do an off set style similar to like the lang 60. I originally wanted to do one from a large propane tank but am not having any luck locating one. So I thought I could build one but make it octagon rather than completely rounded like a tank. Is this a good idea? Also, is there any reason why I couldnt make it just rectangular? Will this prevent the smoke from flowing properly? I am wanting to getted started ASAP so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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no problem on octagon cept for the time laying it out i had a hexagon with no problem. a rectangular one would work keep us posted on the buildPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here's a pic of a very nice looking Octagon smoker in Ebay, I've seen several built like this.
Have you tried calling all propane supply companies in your area?
Sometimes they have some extra junk tanks laying around.
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Theres no pic on your post of the on ebay fyi. I did call the supply companies and they wont sell even their junk ones due to liability. I also call all the scrap yards here and they wont accept the unless they are cut in half or have huge holes in them.
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lol forgot to add the link, edited post to show link to octagon smoker
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yeah I have seen that one before..its bad ***! The shape is what I had in mind. Im curious as to y I have never seen a horizontal smoker that is just simply rectangular shaped. This would be a much easier build if it will produce the same results. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
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ok rectangular shape one for ya...

I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well as the other shapes
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awesome...thanks for the pics. this is what i needed to see. I will post some pics once I start the build. any advice out there as I start to dive into this build would be appreciated
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Where do you live? I am in Mooresville NC and had the same problem locating a tank. I found a place in Oklahoma and Arkansas selling junked tanks. They had tons of them but too far from NC. Another member here (aquasport) turned me on to Amerigas in Charleston SC and the sell the junked ones also.
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Check plumbing supply that do industrial, they will have large diameter pipe. Business is real slow you might get a deal on a 10' section.
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