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New Bubba Keg owner!!

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Just wanted to pop in & say hello to everyone. Just purchased my Bubba Keg from HD Sunday, and am seasoning it as I am typing this.

Was wondering if anyone else on the board has a Bubba Keg or the new Big Steel Keg. Would appreciate some tips as I am new to smoking.

Thanks in advance!!

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I saw these in Menards the other day I went. Very solid construction, and a bit pricey, but looked good. How much did you pay if I may ask?

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Hey Martin!

Got it at Home Depot in Florence for $299.00!! They are being replaced by the Big Steel Keg, but I see no major difference between the two, just the price ( about $675.00 all over the internet ), which is why I pulled the trigger on the Bubba Keg.
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HD up here in Cornelius, NC had two of them last week for the same $299. If I hadn't just bought and seasoned a new MES I'd have been sorely tempted.

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Sweet! At 299, I'd be all over it.

Can't wait to see the Q-View.
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Hey AK1...Cooked a MOJO chicken on it tonight, but before I could take a pic, the family dang near wrestled me to the ground for I'll get some pics the next time.
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Nola Saints Smoker on SMF has a Bubba Keg also -
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no pics, it didnt happen. PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

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Now I haven't seen one that I can remember so post some Qview of something if you would please.
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This is why you smoke with one hand & qview with the other. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Oh this is pure torcher, it looks sooooooo tempting for the price.

But with a new pellet smoker last year and new infrared grill this winter I just don't think the misses would forgive me for beinging home one more bbq tool even if the price is too good to pass by.
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BKG in action...1st cook

MOJO Chicken (took with cel phone...poor quality)
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