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Smokin a couple tonight

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I have two 7-1/2 lb butts in the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap. Rubbed them with garlic olive oil and coated with Jeff's rub. Also have three cloves of garlic inserted into the meat. Gonna put them on tonight about 9 and serve them tomarrow for lunch. I'll post pics tonight before I put them in the smoker.
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Sounds good I'll look forward to the Qview
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When I read the title of your thread, I thought you turned to cannibalism. biggrin.gif
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Well I'm glad to hear you are smoking something good so get-r-done and I really like to see it when you get it started.
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Sorry that there are no pics but the couple have been giving me problems. Put them on last night at 9:30 and kept a check on them all night. at 7:30 this morning they are both still sitting at 160 deg. I went ahead and wrapped them at 160. Hope they turn out alright. It got alittle cooler here that I had anticipated 50 deg. Guess my temp stayed around 200 all night.
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