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UDS New Unlined Interior Prep?

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Okay, I am well on my way with my new drum smoker. It is a new unlined barrel and I was just wondering if there was anything else I should do before I season the interior except giving it a good washing with a dish detergent or even laundry detergent. Is this strong enough to cut whatever they may have used to inhibit rust on the inside? Here is a pic of the lid and barrel.
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First off, somebody will probably come along and tell you to introduce yourself in roll call, second welcome to SMF, and third You are gonna love that UDS!

I would say dish detergent and a good scrubbing would be all you need, maybe give it a couple of rounds of scrubbing.
If it where me I would take it to the car wash and hit it with some engine degreaser, rinse and repeat a few times, maybe even use teh scrubbing brush once.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I wish I had a truck to take it to the car wash. I could always dry it really well there and pop it back in the car I guess. I probably will give it a few rounds of a good scrubbing then re-evaluate. I just want to be safe before seasoning.
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I built mine from a new drum and just wiped it down good with rubbing alcohol, didn't want it to rust. I then sprayed the inside down with sprayable vegetable oil and filled my fire box and did a dry run twice over 2 days and have been smoking regulary since. Hope this helps.
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I just noticed the hole pattern on your lid, is that how your planning on venting the smoke? Let us know how that works out.
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I have 8 holes in my drum lid but they look a little bit bigger than yours.
I smoke with all 8 open.
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How big a hole did you drill on your's CG?
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Mine are 1" holes.
I like the way the smoke and heat rise evenly up and around the food....then out the holes.
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Just curious on the various vent designs we have on here. I have 3 - 1 1/4" vents for a total of 3.75" of vent in a triangle. You have 8 - 1" vents in a circle for a total of 8.0" of vent. Anyone else have a different pattern out there. Thanks CG. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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OSU Redneck, Sorry for the Hijack but your lid design got me going. points.gif
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My vent holes are 8 @ 1/2". I have 3 intake holes on the bottom that are drilled out for 3/4" nipples. I was going to just use caps for 2 of those and a ball valve on the other, but I have a couple 3/4" ball valves laying around so I may just go with ball valves all the way around. Those caps seem like they would rust on and be difficult down the road.

No worries mate on the hijacking..I need as much info as possible.
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I just sprayed mine with Pam a couple of times. When I'm not using the UDS I just set the caps on the grate. After a while the nipples get gooped up enough that rust isn't a problem. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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and there is nothing like a goopy nipple...

OK, sorry - I just could not resist!!
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LOL, I guess I should choose my words more carefully. biggrin.gif

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