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Sonny's type BBQ ribs

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I would like to try to make a similar type pork rib/baby back as I have tasted from the Sonny's chain of BBQ joints. The ribs are quite tender and smokey but do not have that heavy bark on them. Just a sort of sweet, smokey, genteel kind of presentation.

How would I get started trying to smoke my ribs and get a less barky, glazed product and a more simple sweet and smokey deal without that "heavyness"?? Use a rib rub very sparingly? Brining? Use only a thin layer of sauce during smoking? Marinating only and spritzing on the hour? Any ideas? I am sure one of you guys know EXACTLY what I am trying to achieve and have a great recipe for me!

Thanks in advance, fellerz! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I kind of like Sonny's myself. We have one here in Baton Rouge and I have eaten the ribs on many occasions. I typically prefer a more "crusty" rib, but those are nice for a change every so often. My guess would be to use no sugar at all in the rub, and no sauce during the smoke. I may also modify the 3-2-1- method to allow the ribs to spend a little more time in the foil. Serve the sauce on the side like they do at the restaurant.
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They probably pre cook the ribs.
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Ya' mean like par-berl em?? I sure know that they are smoking those ribs. There must be someone on this board who has reproduced a similar type smoked rib such as Sonny's...and other chains as well.

I am pretty sure they mop and grill em' at the end of their journey. They definately have that appearance and taste.
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Buy you an MES 40 and fill the water pan w/ apple juice / water and a lil bourbon.
Smoke @ 225 till done . Spraying w/ apple juice every 1 hr.
No foil , Sauce after you get some pull back on the bones if you want sauce.
The mes w/ water pan actually produces ALOT of steam.
You won't get a bark to form w/ that much moisture in the box but you will have some of the juciest ribs you will ever eat.
The last bunch of spares i did did not fall apart at all . I stood the ribs on edege and pulled every bone out of the whole rack Served a rack of boneless ribs.
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I would like to see the qview of this if you ever get them going.
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As in Bayou? Love the LA. accent, bro!

I recently bought a new version MES 40 and am loving EVERYTHING about it. Interesting take on Q'ing. I see I am going to be in an experimental phase due to the fact that it seems like you guys are heavy bark types when it comes to reeyubs. I will definitely post my experimentation along with q-views!
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I would like to find a sweeter recipe for ribs also. Eman I was thinking about putting a chaffing dish insert in my big right by the firebox with apple juice to make a little steam. When I went to the competion that Bubba grills was at their ribs were sweet and my girls loved them. Hurt my feelings but I like mine with a little bite and bark. Still like the ones in the MES also. I mainly use Jeff's rub but need to try something else.
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Not necessarily "par Berled" They may steam them, before smoking & saucing.
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Bark makes pretty pictures and is a must in some comps.
But, If i'm cooking ribs for the family and myself , Taste is what matters the most. You can use the same rub as when you cook on anything else you will still get the flavor of the rub just not the bark
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Add a lil more brown sugar to your rub and here is my tip of the day.
Instead of using mustard or olive oil for a base to apply your rub to Use
Molasses or a 50 / 50 mix of molasses and honey.
I use this all the time on the mes. Now how a dry heat cook on the stick burner would affect all the sugars ,i don't know.
I use the mustard on beef ,but i like sweet on da pig.
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I get a feeling I may have put TOO a heavy coating of rub on my last smoke. Just to dang overwhelming. I like that subtle sweetness, but the ability to actually see the meat seems to be what floats my boat. I know I have the capability to blow Sonny's ribs out of the water, but I need to find out kinda-sorta what their basic approach to cooking and seasoning is. I need an insider...or I guess I could speak to the manager for just some basic info.
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Interesting stuff, there. Thanks, EMAN!
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