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Jeff's rub on chix

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i bought Jeff's recipe is pretty darn awesome. I threw it on some yardbird as I figured the somewhat delicate flavor of the chicken would give me a good idea on how to tweak it for my tastes and/or whatever protein that I'm tossing it on. It contained the same ingredients that my rub has, but he is right when he says it's mostly in the procedure for throwing it together. I never took notes or wrote down my recipe, which is why my rub isn't anywhere near as good as Jeff's even though ingredients are the same. I can't wait to put some on a rack or two of ribs!
I have yet to try the sauce'll probably be a week or two to get the ingredients together with all the hours I've been workin. Anyway, great job Jeff, your recipe was well worth the $! Thx for sharing!
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Glad your smoke was a good one, especially with a rub you enjoyed! Have you started brining chix, or injecting yet? If not, the fun part is yet to come as mixing and experimenting is the tasteful test of this hobby! biggrin.gif
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Jeff's rub and sauce are really good. I used Hungarian paprika in place of regular paprika and chipotle powder in place of cayenne. I find that regular paprika has a bitter taste, especially in the quantity in his recipe.

The first batch i made according to his recipe and the second batch i tweaked to my taste.
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I haven't found anything that Jeff's rub isn't good on. As was said even if you want to tweak this or that at least you have a great rub to start tweaking from
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Man, going by the title of this thread, I was going to use some on my wifebiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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lolz...i won't comment, but...I'm sure many posters are itching to get their $ .02 in on your post!

In response to sumosmoke, I have brined whole chix before, but not thighs...usually they are spur of the moment smokes, I throw them on when I have a hankerin for smoked chicken.
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Can somebody please tell me where I can order Jeff's rub recipe?
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click on this

you won't be sorry it realy is that good.
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Not sorry at all! Jeff's rub is AMAZING!! I usually make a quad batch to get me through two weekends of smoking. Mmmmmmmm!
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