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Congratulate me!!!

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Just popped into Home Depot this afternoon to see what kind of smokers they had in stock. Walked the display area and down the grill parts aisle hoping to spot a 22.5 WSM in the store. Nothing. So on the way out BY THE EXIT, I notice two BUBBA KEGS on display. I literally tripped over them on the way out as they were no way near the rest of the grills & smokers. Asked a CSR if they had one in the box. Turns out they did. The best part, by far (wait for it)....$299.00!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Almost fell over when I saw that price. A month ago they were $449.00 and the new BIG STEEL KEG is going for about $650.00 all over the internet. Anyway, once I get it put together & seasoned, I'll do a slab of ribs or two & let you guys know how they came out.
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congrats nice fine
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SWEET deal
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I recently bought the Keg too! $299 was just the right price! I guess nobody wanted to spend $600 on something named BUBBA! So far I love it, but I'm having a hard time smoking on it. Have you been able to maintain a temp between 200 and 225 for more than 3 or 4 hours? My Dad gives me a hard time because he can hold a temp of 200 for about 12 hours on his Big Green Egg without even touching the vents after he gets them set. Thanks

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 I guess nobody wanted to spend $600 on something named BUBBA!



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