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I haven't given up on owning a reverse flow smoker. However, when I checked the shipping on a Lang, (48 Patio Model) it cost just as much as the smoker to ship to Hawaii. Are there any other manufacturers of reverse flow smokers on the west coast or closer that I could check with? Thanks All....
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Id find a tank and trailer there and pay someone to cut and weld it for you. Will cost way less.
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Old Poi,
You'll just have to think outside the box a little.

Is there a military installation on your island, or just on Oahu? Find someone who is in the states who may be getting stationed out that way. The military moves all your stuff for free. Have them get it out there for you.

Creativity will help you get it done.
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Looks like it'll have to be built here on island. I've got an old 80 gallon compressor tank that seems to be at least 3/16 inch thick or more. I'll check around for welder fabricators. There seems to be a lot information here on how to build a reverse flow cooker.....I'll be reading up on em...I'd be grateful for any recommendations to help me sort through the information here.

Thanks All.
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I think this link,

might give you some helpful info. I hope it helps. Good luck.
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