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S.O.S. (Help! Out of apple juice)

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No apple juice for spritzing. Any other ideas? OJ? Thanks in advance
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I don't mop or spray, but I use lemon/OJ/Oyster sauce for a braze in the foil. Pineapple juice is great for that too. Really, any fruit juice you have on hand will add to the moisture and flavor, and for a spray-on, the natural juice sugars will aid in bark formation. Whatever you have should do fine, brother.

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Surely you arent out of beer too...
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Any Juice will work
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as said any juice or even Dr Pepper
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I've used White Grape Juice with Crown and it comes out great.
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THANK YOU!!!! As usual, you guys rock! Thanks for the quickie responses!
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Water and seasoning would work too, wouldn't it?
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JD and water..
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What are you cooking ? Any broth would work as well...but what ever the meat is would depend on what route I would take....edit I see this is in the PORK section so I would think it's juice like said before...heck pretty much any liquid would do with pork in general. I don't spritz much so no need to worry if you don't have anything mine come out great
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I have even gone so far as to use fruit punch Hi-C, it worked out just fine.
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