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3rd Smoke..this time, Hungarian paprika

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Well even the raw finished rub, (Jeff's Rib Rub Recipe), tastes different on it's own when using a sweeter, better quality paprika (Hungarian). I only would suggest that Jeff would make an addendum to his recipe and suggest the use of this specific paprika. My smoke is not over yet, but I know that this paprika will accent and not bitter-out this rub. We shall soon see!!

Thin blue smoke.......I hear ya callin!!!!!!!!!!
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Its amazing how Paprika can be so different.
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I agree. The first time I made Jeff's rub, I made it per the recipe and I found the paprika was a little bitter. The second batch, I substituted Hungarian Paprika and used chipotle powder in place of the cayenne. I also added dry mustard powder. I found it was much better but it's just my opinion.
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Well there ya go! I knew someone here had this same experience!
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Been there and done that. The only paprika I use in my rubs is either Hungarian or smoked Spanish. I quit using the red & white canned stuff several years ago, and I won't be going back.
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I cant find Hungarian paprika around here, just the regular kind.
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Order it from one of the many online places like spicebarn.
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I order my spices from I can't find chipotle powder or the hungarian paprika and this was the least expensive place I could find.

The regualr paprika in the grocery stores are junk.
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