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Friday Night 1st attemp at St. Louis Spares

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Did my first attemp at St Louis spares on Friday Night. Did the slightly modified 3-2-1 method. Temps in the ECB stood a averaged 240 with the cool wind. In the smoke for 2.75hrs, foiled for 1.75 hours, and firmed up for 1 hr.

Coated with mustard and used Open Season Kansas City Rub along with some home made concoction to cover everything. Spritzed with apple juice and Jack Daniels (ran out of Captain Morgan).

They tasted awesome, they came right off the bone when bit into but did not pull the rest off. I was a little skeptical about spares from a previous experience but I am sold on them now.

Thanks for looking
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they look great well done, spares can be good and a nice change
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Looks great. Glad that you didnt give up on spares. When done right they are mighty fine. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great, i just did some spares for the first time last weekend and was happy with them, normally i do bb's, but now i will be doing alot more spares. nice job
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Sounds like they came out perfect.

They look great too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Looks good! I'm in the process of smoking ribs right now.
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Nice spares

I found a slab for $1.30 a pound and it's almost ready to glaze.
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