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First smoke ever!

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Well I started my first smoke this morning. I have 3 bone-in pork roasts that I got from a friend who butchers his own pigs, one is about 6lbs and the other 2 are about 3lbs. I rubbed them last night, and threw them on this morn. I have the smoker at about 225-250. I'll take some pics later on in the smoke and post them tonight.
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Sounds good, especially coming from someone who does their own raising and slaughtering.
Good luck!
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Just remember without pics it never happened biggrin.gif
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Here are a couple pics from when I started pulling it. I was pretty happy with the results, it had good flavor, was tender, and moist. Let me know what you think.
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looks great,,,
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looking good points.gif
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nice job...points.gif
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