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My Smoke Today

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Today I have the following planned:

Put an 8.5lbs PorK Shoulder on the smoker around 8am. Have it all rubbed and ready to smoke.

Put a whole chicken on the smoker a few hours later and let her smoke. The chicken is in the brine right now and ready to smoke.

We will eat the chicken tonight for dinner and consume the pulled pork Monday night. I will snap some shots to let you drool over later. it is only supposed to be 60F today, but that shouldn't be an issue because they are calling for a dry day. My UDS got a paint job and is ready for another smoke!

I put the shoulder on today at 7:30. It is now 11:00 and the shoulder is at 145F. When it hits 165F I will foil and let it finish to about 195F. It looks good enough to make a sandwich right now.

The chicken is tied up and ready to be put on. Stuffed with carrots and garlic pieces put under the skin. Basted, seasoned and ready for action. That will go on in about an hour.
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sounds like a good day, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

post some pics if you can, I am taking the day off of bbq, so it would be nice to see some.
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Now it sounds like you are off to a great start so hurry I'm gettin hungry.
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Just pulled the chicken. It was at 165F in about 1hour45min. That was way too fast. It was cooking at about 260-270F. I don't know what happened...I was expecting about 4 hours of smoke. Well, I plan to let it sit for about 2.5 hours before dinner. I took a picture and will post later.

The shoulder has 1 degree left and it will be pulled, wrapped, and coolered!
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The last degree is just toying with me right now. I am going to pull the pork off the smoker at 195F and it got to 194F and then dropped two degrees. It is back up to 193F and just waiting to get past "THE WALL". I guess that means I need to drink a beer and just relax. I sure am glad I built my UDS. It lets you smoke for countless hours compared to the ECB!
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Well, I finished off the chicken, after sticking it in the fridge until dinner, on the propane grill for 4 minutes a side. Turned out good, but will have to figure out why it smoked so fast and try to control that next time.

Next came the finished product (8lbs pork shoulder):

A little tease of the inside:

And finally the completely pulled shot:

We have dinner for tomorrow night! I can't wait to tear into the pork.
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nice bark on the pp. That is way fast on the chicken, are you sure the probe was not near a bone
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Yeah I thought the same thing, so I took out the probe and tried a different, meatier, spot. Got the same reading.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

The bark is every bit as good as it looks, trust me!!!
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Looks like a very successful smoke for sure - nice job on both.
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Sounds like a good day. icon_smile.gif
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Definitely was!!!

The wife is warming up the pork for tonight's dinner!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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