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Smoked Burgers - EmagdniM style

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Well, I finally put my new smoker to use. Everything went pretty good until the temps started to dip into the low 40's here and then the cooking temp got hard to control. I ended up bringing out a little fan and placing it on a chair next to the firebox to stoke the fire a bit and raise the temps. The end result was a burger that is de-freaking-licious. Heres the pics:

The bugers were made with seasoned bread crumbs, famous daves steak/burger rub, egg and a dash of salt/pepper. I smoked at about 235 for about 1.5 hours using a few occasional chunks of hickory and a waterpan filled with 100% pure applejuice. I topped em off with a tomato, swiss cheese, ketchup, mouse turds and mayo and yea...Im full. Good end to a long day.
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should have saved those pics for the sandwich throwdown!!!!
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Whats that? lol Still learnin this site...haha Thanks tho!
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just go to the main page and at the top is a category for a throwdown, click on it and you'll understand

burgers look real good!
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Ahhh damn...well too bad. Id delete the thread now but dont wanna upset whoever makes the rules. Ill try next time tho for sure, thanks for the heads up!
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Take what you did and make some stuffed burgers for the throwdown! ;)

They look awesome, BTW PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great lookin' burgers!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Recipe sounds good too, but I think you put some hamburger in there too.icon_cool.gif

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haha thanks guys!

and yea, I thought the burger was obvious lol! I just had leftovers for that sad?
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Not when it is tasty!

Hell, I'll admit to snacking on a cold rib for breakfast from time to time.
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Amen brother!

I think ribs are next on my to do list...
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Great pics of the burgers! Haven't had a good burger in a while .... points.gif
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Nice burgers...
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going to try this love burgers
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