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Red Bell Pepper Ribeyes w/charcoal-mesquite cold smoke & sear: qview

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I just had to keep rolling with my latest dry rub... the wifey person and kids came home from shopping with arm loads of meat (among other things). I told her I had the chix thighs and pork chops done and asked her if I would still be doing steaks...yep, I want ribeye tonight, but I'll have some chops and thighs too, was the reply.

So, I had some rub left for 7 nice steaks (just enough to lay it down heavy), plenty of briquettes and mesquite smoke wood, and a charcoal kettle just begging for some beef.

I'm using the smoke can mod tonight...our favorite method for smaller cuts.

Hot coals waiting for a killer smoke and sear:

Smoke can is loaded:

Can flipped and TBS is ready:

And, tonight's victims:

So far, this rub has been really good for a fish smoke, chops and chix thighs...oh, I cannot forget the pork spare ribs.

Oh, and here's the recipe...have the link on my other threads, so for the sake of fair play:

More to's time to start searing as they've been in the mesquite for 45 minutes now.

Thanks all!

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Thanks for sharing the recipe for the rub Eric, I missed the original post.
Definitely gonna give it a try, sounds great!
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Fiish and review

I started eating while uploading pics, only to remember at that point that my daughter made a pan of fresh sautee'd button mushrooms...I ate half of my steak before I jumped up to run and get some for my steak! LOL!!!!!!

The flavor of the rub with the mesquite smoke and charcoal sear is still good on these ribeyes. It's more of a subtle flavor, and lets the great taste of the beef come through nicely. I still can't say that I want to change anything with the rub...just a touch of salt and smoke comes through when you first take a bite, then the more you chew, the more everything starts to meld together and get into a deeper profile...nice eating for sure!

Here's the searing and flipping in progress:

Oh, almost forgot...I tossed some Tater Tots into the Vault after pulling my chix thighs and pork chops earlier this evening...ran these for about 2 hours @ 250* with mesquite...last time I did hickory and it was good...these are pretty good too:

And, my plate, a bit over-done for me @ med/well (that's what I get for cooking under halogen lamps...LOL!!!), but still very juicy...with super-crispy mesquite tater-tots and baby spinach/ice-burg lettuce garden salad:

I'll keep trying this rub out for the next week or so...I'm not trying to pump it up, we just really like this stuff. It's simple flavors just seem to take things to another level...hard to just tastes good on everything I've used it on so far.

More smoking with this rub will follow from my Q-kitchen, and you know I always share my new smokes, so I'll be around with more. Oh, wifey picked me up a whole pork loin and a couple of pork butts tonight, too...hmmm...yeah, gotta try this rub on a butt soon! Might need to modify it a bit for the butts...hmm...more cbp and garlic, I think...aaah, I better leave well enough alone though, and just see how it goes.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my experiment!

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Nice job Eric. I hate when the steak gomes out med well. It happens man.
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Great job, Eric. You had me at "ribeye"... the rest of your wonderful feast was just a visual bonus!
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What he said ! !

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I like your steaks and you have them looking pretty good too. Now I do also like mine alittle more pink but I bet they tasted really good to.
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Rib Eyes

FWIW, those are rib steaks; rib-eyes are boneless, sometimes known as Delmonico.
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Love Rib Eyes!!!! I like your process here. I'm curious about how you flip that smoke can -- how's that done eric?

Another great smoke, another great Qview!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks all!

I use the smoke can as a measure for the amount of briquettes I will start in the chimney, filling it about 80-85% full of briqs, then dumping that into the chimney to start the fire.

I do my can flip with welding gloves drop a chuck of smoke wood in first, or a foil pouch of chips, then add the red-hot coals.

Place the coal grate over the can and invert the two, keeping the grate tight against the can, and position into the the loaded cooking grate and start smoking.

Just before you get the smoke phase complete, start more coals to add to the existing coals when you dump the can to start searing.

Here's how I did the can mod for my kettle grill a while may have missed this thread...this could be used for a barrel or rectangular grill as well:

Have fun, brother!

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