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Smoked my first ribs tonight.

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I smoked my first pork loin ribs tonight. I had a hard time keeping my smoker as cool as I would have liked, so the average temp was in the 220-245 or so range. Still they were so tender, that the bone just came right out with the slightest tug. I smoked them over mistque in the 3-2-1 form. Came out nice, I am very happy, as was the family. Sorry no pics, everyone that I took came out pretty fuzzy.. Tripod next time.. icon_redface.gif
Tomarow a whole chix, in the brine right now.. I made a brine of kosher salt, sugar, water , and lemon juice, with the lemon zest tosed in, and two bay leaves.
We'll see how it comes out tomarow...
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congrats on the ribs
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Congrats on the smoke! It sounds like they came out perfectly the way I like them... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif On my way for the chicken... icon_mrgreen.gif
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220 - 245 sound perfect to me. Congrats on the cook.
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i need to see some pictures!!!
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