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Simple and Delicious Potato Salad

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Simple and Delicious Potato Salad

This is a soft cube salad, not the kind with a mashed potato base. I don't measure anything, so these are estimates. Pretty simple and easy and this will feed about 4 hungry people:

4-5 medium potatoes, pealed and cut into cubes slightly over 1/4-inch

2 Tbs salt in pan of boiling water, add potatoes - stir now and then while boiling

THE SECRET: Do not over-cook or under cook the potatoes. I start testing after 4-5 minutes for softness by removing one cube with a spoon, slicing it in half and tasting for doneness. You can "feel" doneness while stirring to a degree when the potatoes start losing their hard feeling.

Once the cubes are soft, pour into colander to drain and cool - grasp each side of colander to "flip" them about a couple of times so they don't overcook from internal heat.


about 3/4 cup fresh Celery
about 3/4 cup Onion
1-2 boiled eggs

When potatoes have cooled, dump in bowl and add celery, onion and egg.

Add 2 1/2 to 3 heaping kitchen spoons of Mayonnaise
Add about a tablespoon or slightly more of Yellow Mustard
Add 2-3 kitchen spoons full of Sweet Salad Mix Pickles (drain juice slightly)

Gently mix it all, top with Paprika

Refrigerate or serve at room temperature
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Sounds tasty, and thanks for sharing, now if you would please go to roll call and give us all a proper introduction, like where are you from, what kind of smoker you have, etc... also I recommend checking out Jeffs free 5 day course, some very helpful tips in there, and lastly welcome to smf, and please bring on the qview icon_cool.gif
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Sounds good,

A pic of the finished product would be cool...

Smoke On Dude!
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that is a perfect recipe. i even use sweet relish
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