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Salt, pepper, maybe some garlic powder then into the smoker for 2 to 3 hours at 230 to 245 until the internal temp gets to 155 (med rare).

It can't be that easy. What am I missing?
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155 is not med rare 130-140 is med rare. Id take it to 135 then foil for about a hour and you will get a nice med rare-med
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You got it except the med rare part. Should be 135' and they will be fine.
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Tri Tip Recipes

Let us know how it turns out. I'm thinking of a tri tip this weekend as well. if anyone has a recipe they wouldn't mind sharing it would be appreciated. The spicier the better.
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What I was about to say. Its not a really hard cut in the smoker if you don't leave it in too long. I have one in the smoker at the moment. Ill probably let it go to 135-140 then maybe foil it for 20mins or so. Salt, pepper and a little garlic powder is always a classic. I have mine rubbed with a spicy rub and burning at about 275 over oak. Good luck with yours.
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