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Gorgonzola burger w/ pics

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Nice night last night, decided to fire up the kettle.

Ground chuck burgers seasoned with garlic powder and minced onions. Then topped with jalapenos and gorgonzola while it was on the grill. Served with chips and some pickles I "made".

pickles are made using leftover pickle brine, and adding spears of fresh cucumber. Only takes about 2 weeks for them to be right.

Also enjoyed some Chivas, and High Life.

thanks for looking
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I would say everything looks fantastic. You guys really have me wanting to cook up some burgers PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like a tasty burger Jim. I'm sure it was juicy and with the gorgonzola and peppers, no need for condiments!
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thanks guys,

your right, no need for lettuce, etc. just some mayo on the top bun.
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You Hog !

Where the heck is mine !!!icon_cry.gif
And my favorite beer too! (walking away from the computer muttering incoherently)

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lol, thanks man...

Im a big fan of the High Life, and the points program they are running..
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Tasty lookin burgers Jim...points.gif
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if I didnt freeze the rest of the chuck i would have another today.
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Rookie here....

Does anyone think it would work to make a dozen or so patties and put them in the smoker for a half hour or so, then remove and freeze for a regular grill later?
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Good looking burger - I'll take mine medium rare, hold the jalapenos.
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I love gorgonzola on my burger. I have stuffed with gorgonzola and then topped with cheddar and the two together is heaven. Great looking burgerpoints.gif
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using cheddar as a second cheese sounds great, good call.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Love that Gorgonzola cheese. I would love to have one of them things. They look really yummo there Jim.
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