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BB's with raspberry chipotle bbq sauce & bonus items w/pics

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Nice day sw of Chicago, lots of sun, some wind(wont stop the WSM).

Made some raspberry chipotle bbq sauce last night, turned out good, Ill post some pics of the sauce when its time to apply.

Got a slab of bb ribs from the market, and found a bonus section in he bottom of the package. Rinsed with water and whie vinegar, removed the membrane, slathered with mustard and appied my rub. Tossed them in the fridge while I was lighting the WSM.

Using RO lump, and apple.

Good to go, at 1.5 hours Ill apply an apple juice, chivas, oil, and my rub wash, and repeat every hour or so.

bonus item # 1:

im also doing some bone in pork chops today. Got the butcher to cut them to order 1" thick. Whipped up the slaughterhouse brine, and tossed the chops in the brine. Gonna brine them for 2 hours, and then grill them.

Bonus item # 2:

also going to grill some oysters on the halfshell. These are cold water Atlantic oysters, only doing (4) since I am the only one who likes them. Gonna grill them topped with a garlic butter mixture I made, then top w/ bbq sauce when they are done. Pics to follow as nothing interesting has happended prep wise yet.

Should be a good day.

thanks for looking
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Another great day of smoking from you Jim, and sounds delicious!
I love raspberry chipotle sauce but it is really hard, if not rare, to find one that isn't loaded with tons of sugar and/or HFCS.
Looking forward to your finished opinions.
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it wasnt cheap to make, yielded about 1 cup of sauce from 12 oz of raspberries, That one cup probably cost $10 to make. Had to buy molasses, raspeberries, raspberry preserves, etc. But its all natural and homemade vs storebought which is important to me.

I am looking forward to how the ribs are with it. Might put some on the brined chops that re now out of the brine(went 2.5 hours, and they look good. I am taking pics and will post more soon, I am enjoying some time on the deck right now with my assistant(3.5 y.o. daughter)
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You're making me hungry, sounds awesome PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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should be a good supper, ribs are about 45 minutes from being done, Ill get the kettle going soon, and get the ribs charred and sauced, & the chops and the oysters on.
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sorry for the delay, that Chivas hits pretty hard. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Ribs turned out good, tender, nice tug, Put them on the kettle to finish & sauce, they charred up quick. Raspberry/Chipotle sauce was good, Overall a nice batch of bb's. Just sampled a couple bones for breakfast.


1.5 hours in pre wash:

post wash:

done smoking:

on the kettle:

off the grill, and out of the foil after about 20 minutes to rest:

Bonus # 1 & # 2 brined chops and bbq oysters:

The chops were awesome, brined a little over 2 hours then rinsed them off. No additional seasonings needed. just a little veg. oil to keep them from sticking. Grilled them until they were done. The oysters were awesome as well. I made a garlic/serrano pepper butter for them and topped each oyster with the butter. Grilled them until they started to bubble, and then topped with some pineapple bbq sauce I made last week. Tender, juicy, and popping with flavor, i wish i had done more then 4.

Atlantic Ocean Canadian oysters on the halfshell:

serrano garlic butter:

chops out of the brine:

oysters topped with the butter:

both on the kettle:

chop close up:

oyster close up:

oysters done:

finished chops:

fun afternoon of cooking, some new items/twists. WSM & kettle will get a rest today.

thanks for looking at my pics/cook.
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WOW - great looking smoke and sauce, Chis!

In a couple of months, we'll have fresh blackraspberries coming off... may have to try this.
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I am thinking the same thing have a patch that grows wild in my backyard, with how expensive raspberries are Ill be waiting to do another batch until then.

basic recipe is:

12 oz frozen rasberries
1/3 cup raspberrie jam
2 chipotles
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp mince ginger
1/4 onion chopped
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp adobo
i tbsp veg oil
1 minced serrano pepper
3 tbsp molasses
2 tbsp cider vinegar

heat oil, add onions and serano, cook til onion is clear, add garlic, and ginger, saute, add cider vinegar to hot pan, then add chipotle raspberries, and raspberry jam adobo, cayenne pepper & molasses, simmer 25 minutes. Toss mix in food prcessor and blend. Then run the sauce through a seive to get as many of the seeds out as possible.
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Man oh Man that looks greta there Jim. Yet another fine meal you have shown us.
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thanks mark,

I enjoy sharing what i cook, new items, and twists on the basics.
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Interesting way of preparing the oysters. I only eat them chargrilled but have never used BBQ sauce. Does the BBQ sauce take away from the taste of the oyster?
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Great smoke and post as usual Jim. I watch for the raspberries at Costco and it helps on the price a lot. Last month I got 3 baskets for $6 - and made a sauce to go over a pork loin we cooked. Love my raspberries!!!
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not really, it was just about 1 tbsp of a homemade pineapple bbq sauce, and it really complimented them.
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I cant wait til my wild blackraspberries are ready in a couple months, buying them is really expensive.
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