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Brisket temperature drop ?

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So, I've had a 5 pound flat on the smoker for 5 hours ( temps. between 220-240 ), and at the 5 hour mark, had hit 141 internal.
However, in the next 30 minutes, the temp. dropped to 138 internal.
Anyone ever have this happen ? It's a really strange thing. I usually do briskets larger than this, and dont recall ever having it happen before.
Any thoughts ?
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What thermometer(s) are you using....Re-check both cooking chamber and internal temperatures first.......
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Yeah, I checked both thermometers yesterday. Both the Pyrex Pro Digital for the internal and the chamber thermometer are spot-on.
Have been for years.
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sounds like you going thru a stall. Dont rush it and dont turn up the temp.
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Yeah, that's kind of what I'm figuring. I just dont think I've seen the temp. DROP before. But now, having said that, it's back up to 141.
Oh well, we shall plow ahead......................
Thanks for the input.................
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Not a problem. I remember one of the first butts I did was at 162 then dropped to 158 and I was like WTF. But it happens. Cant wait to see the finished product.
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Steady as she goes.....

Enjoy your brisket!!
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