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New eletric smoker

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How much smoke is suposed to be coming out of my smoker. it smokes really hard for 5 min when i add new wood but doesnt smoke hardly at all untill I add more wood.... is this correct?
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this is my smoker
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soak your wood for 24 hrs. before you start, will smoke for hrs. then icon_smile.gif
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I also use electric and what you are doing is normal. when you load your wood and it lites it will smoke heavy for a few min. then it should settle down to the TBS.
Just remember that if you can smell smoke it is applying flavor to the meat. You may not even see smoke if there is a breeze.
I have never soaked wood or chips . All that does is delay its burning untill it dries out.
If you get true TBS,You may not be able to even take a picture of it .
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Agree I used to soak but gave it up. We left the other day while I had a butt in and I could smell the smoke in the front yard wasn't smoking that much (smoker in back yard). I think the smoker gets seasoned too and has it's own scent. Good luck!
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