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Rib Help

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I am smoking Baby back Ribs tomorrow morning using the 2-2-1 method. I have applied a dry rub to them and they are resting ovwe night in the refridge.

I have always just used a dry rub (store bought) dont hate......I mop with apple juice several time and use apple wood.

I am trying to get a little sweater rib and i was told to ad Honey and or Brown Sugar or both.

Does anyone have any thoughts, as well as, what stage of the 2-2-1 do you add the honey/sugar.

Thanks for your help and support!
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You can add some brown sugar in your rub, or a sweet sauce is sweet baby rays I believe. Good luck.
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I agree add the sugar to your rub. Use brown and/or turbinado sugar.

If you are really into sweet, push the sugar content of your liquid during the foil.

And of course there always is a sweet sauce that could be put on for the last 1/2 - 1 hour of the smoke.

Good luck.
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yep brown sugar with do it, use the dark brown sugar has more molassas in it
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What they said on the rub. Another thing you can do is during the second phase add some honey to the foil pouches. Also, I switched from apple juice to a cranberry/raspberry juice and that really got the taste buds happy!
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Some folks make a "bed" of honey and brown sugar in the foil and place the ribs meat down during the foil stage. Looks pretty tasty from what I've seen.

You could also brush them with honey during the final stage.

Good luck.

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