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Boy all I can say is I missed out. Jerry if and when you have the next one am there. Looks and sounds like everyone had a good time. What more could you ask for good people and the smokers going. Jerry thank for all QView.
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Looks like I missed out, I'm blowing out of Orlando in the morning with family in tow. We did the Disney thing for the last week, I'm ready for home!
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Wish ya'll could have made it. Having the second big smoker here sure made things easier. Seems each one gets bigger and better and I look forward to the next one. You can pretty much figure unless something bad happens there will be another North Florida Gathering next April tho the exact date hasn't been selected yet biggrin.gif
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gathering of fools Uhhhh I mean smokers.

In jerrys last pick that litlle quart jar on the table w/ the clear liquid in it Should have a lable on it that says, CAUTION !!! Can cause extreme headaches within 24 hrs of cosuming this medicene.

Forgot to mention that on the way home we stopped for gas and to stretch and found some great strawberries for $10 a flat.
Bought 4 flats. I am now going to learn to make strawberrie preserves.
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Well a little more awake now.
Awsome trip. It was great to meet and put some names with faces.. Looking forward to next april aready.

Come on eman that water tasted fine.
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Cut the weld off fire grate today Jerry and moved it 90 degrees. Should help the startup. Sure had a good time. Rio I look forward to seeing you next year. If we drink the white stuff I may have to come a day early to get that out of my systemPDT_Armataz_01_03.gif Where did you buy the therm-pen?
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Was really nice ta meet you and the rest of your crew .
Got me jonesn for that bubba grill real bad. LoL
Need to build me a uds first.
Next time y'all get down here in tiger country ,holler and the cajun food will be flowin.
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The best thing to come from the gathering was last night my wife told me that she wanted to learn to smoke!!!! She said the first thing she wants to do is her fantastic home made pizza. Gotta build us a UDS.
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All it takes is a check and a driveicon_redface.gif. If you decide maybe I can help with the pick up and it won't be so far a drive.
Just let me know.
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That thing is sexy.

Come on Tim more the merrier :) Bring Sarah she was fun :)

Well it finally happened today. I officially have eaten my fill of seafood. It started on Wed with a small scale seafood dinner at camp followed up by plenty of oysters over the weekend. Of course I bought a bushel of oysters and 10 lb of shrimp before launching from florida. So tonight I did an Al Blancher imspired boil tonight for friends after boiling some crawfish, 8lb shrimp, taters sausage abt's and crab stuffed shrooms. Then we started on the oysters. Problem was nobody was interested but me. so almost a bushel of later and I have eaten as many as I want for quite some time. I do need to bread and fry a pint of oysters in the next day or so..


So 2 lb of shrimp in the freezer for seed and no need or want for seafood for a bit.
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Glad to hear the seafood was a hit at home, Jeff. Bet that shrimp would be great on the grill!
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Already been some talk about doing a S. Louisiana gathering in the fall or spring. These things are contagious! LOL If it goes any further we will do a post but for now just ideas.
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I've never been to the great state of LA, so that would be a treat to take a road trip out your way. biggrin.gif
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I think if we really want to do this it can be done .
Lets have a melding of the minds in the next couple of weeks and discuss it?
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oops dbl post
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Looks like some great food and a really great time. I love gatherings - so many new faces but still the same good times. Thanks for sharing the pics and the good times.
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Some of them pics look good!! Now I have a question! If you smoke a brisket to sell in a restaurant how thick is it sliced and with what kind of knife do you slice it?
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If i'm slicing i use a meat slicer and slice around 1/4 " or less.
can be done w/ a good electric knife ,but it gets time consuming on a full packer.
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I've never sliced one to sell but if I did I think it'd be about 1/4" maybe 3/8" and I slice with a decent sharp knife
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