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North Florida Gathering 4 Lots of Qview

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Crawfish Boil Supplies

The Crawfish about to go in the pot

Blurry Pic of some of the tents (I think the Bama canopy is what made the pic blurry) lol

Alblancher and wife Liz

More tents

Al's crawfish cooker

First batch of crawfish dumped on the table

Better view of the first batch

My wife in the background trying to take it all in

I see alblancher,mballi,groupersandwich at the table with their backs to us. My daughter, son in law, one granddaughter to the right of the table. Shooter Rick and wife Sandy at the far end of the table. Hard to see Sumosmoke to Rick's left. Karnowski's wife Sarah next to Sumosmoke. Liz in that LSU purple and Karnowski hiding behind the pole

Same people but now we can see Sumosmoke and it must be Bamafan between Sarah and Liz

mballi to the right, the back of Sumosmoke and Karnowski coming in the door

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Looks like a great start.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Put some in a cooler and express mail it to me.

Good to see some familiar faces in those pictures.
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Sandy's Homemade Cinnamon Buns

These things are awesome

Our Bacon
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Oh Man.........I'm not sure what looks better, the bacon or the buns.
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That was my first time eating crawfish and it was awesome!! Huge thanks to Al and Liz for bringing the grub for that feast. The cinnamon rolls sure hit the spot this morning!
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Seems there was an alcohol shortage last night several 1.75 liter bottles must have had holes in them cause they went dry but not to fear a couple people have went to resupply. We have the butts in the brisket in and the ribs just went in. Goat, Lamb, Venison Backstraps, Chickens to go later. The breakfast was great between the cinnamon buns eggs and bacon seems we were full. The moink balls and abt's will be going on shortly as well. Personally I'm about ready for more oysters. The crawfish were awesome and theres still some left
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Looks and sounds like a great time, I love crawfish biggrin.gif
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That looks like so much fun I had to give you points.gif.biggrin.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLooks like yall are having way too much fun.
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Oh man I wish I was there! Those cinnamon buns and crawfish looked amazing! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Bamafan's first real smoke in his new smoker is going on today he had seasoned it and played with it a bit but today is smoking food. Bamafan at the rear of the smoker and Karnowski at the front

Bamafan checking something on his new rig

We have have smoke

Ribs are in



The Lang has some briskets and butts in it

Brisket and butts taking in some smoke and heat

ABT's and Moink Balls about to go in and the crawfish are back out and being eaten the oysters are next on my list
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Yesterday we got a little load of pecan biggrin.gif Son in law, daughter, Sumosmoke checking it out and Rio_Grande about to cut some

Same players

ABT's and Moink Balls going in by mballi in the Gator shirt and Bamafan in the Bama shirt

Bamafan getting the ABT's in

Bamafan, mballi, and future member John loading lots of Moink Balls and ABT's

The top rack has the snacks while the bottom rack has some ribs and pieces by now we had loaded the two batches of Dutch's beans into the rib box

Log Splitter play time

Stacking some of the split wood and loading some into Rio_Grande's trailer for a ride north

The 2 smokers
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everything looks great. kudos to y'all for putting this together. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

those crawfish looke especially nice, big ones for sure. i have only seen a few that big in the 25 lbs+ I have eaten this year so far.
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Looks like everything is a real blast, nice smokers, great folks and some tasty looking grub!
Glad to hear the booz situation got taken care of. Seems much cooler than last years get together so that's definitely a plus down in FL.
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Look great! How about putting some names to those faces???
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Bamafan checking stuff

Getting that new rig loaded up

Looking good

Moink Balls are bout done

Lamb and Goat getting settled in for the smoke and heat

ABT's about there

Nice thin smoke

Me probing butts and brisket

Getting there we did no foil and no spritz on these

More checking temps
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Rio_Grande and Bamafan checking it out

ABT's and Moink Balls round one done

Bamafan unfoiling the ribs

I'm seein ribs

Looking good


Pulled Pork top left, ribs in the center, brisket on the right, grilled bacon wrapped backstrap on the bottom

Same things except Lamb on the bottom left and Rio_Grande slicing up the Goat

The Lamb and some of Jeff's sauce
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PP on the left and Goat ribs and Goat



Dutch's beans regular and non spice versions

Smoked Backstrap

Rio_Grande working on the Goat

We only pulled two of the six butts for dinner

Whats that right there lol
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drooling all over keyboard
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