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Is It Worth It?

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Found this on CL. Not familiar with the brand. Is it a keeper or leaver
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No, you can get them new for that. I had one I bought at Lowes a few years back and paid $129 out the door. Shop around.

Just my 2 cents.
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yupp. I was thinking about the same thing. But I was not 100% sure. I got the chargriller, but was looking at maybe a gasser. Just so I can say that I have one LOL.

Men and there toyzz!!!
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Lowes had them on sale for $89.00. Make them an offer.

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Looks almost identical to the Master Forge Lowes currently sells for $149 new. Difference is that the MF has two doors, so you can keep loading wood chips at the bottom without losing the heat up top.
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Offer 75.00
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Id check your local lowes and home depot and see what it is going for there. If its about $100 then id offer him $50
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Looks like the heavy cast iron pan in the bottom.

Doesn't seem very used.

I'd consider it at $80. Maybe bring a propane tank and test the burner.

Kinda depends on how tight your $ is, how certain you are about wanting a gas smoker like that, and how much space you've got for smokers, but this would let you test the waters at a lower price.

I've got 2 of those smokers and I'm real happy with them.
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i've got one that i made mods to........just did a bbq for an ex-employer with it. hey all loved it and they are from kansas.
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