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How fast can I cook a 10lb brisket? - Page 2

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The flat's at 180 after 2 hours panned and 2 hours foiled. I don't think the panning helped me any, I think I'm going to want more than an hour on the grate to get some bark. Plus the MES is recovering slow, it dropped to 225 while unfoiling and is only up to 245 in about 10 minutes.
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At 5 hrs the point was at 197 and the flat was at 185.

The point passed the probe test so I pulled it. I've done them to higher temps till they pretty much fall apart but this one's pretty good. Tender, great taste, but not quite falling apart.

I think the flat's going to take another hour, maybe a little more. Again, I think my pan at the beginning hurt. My next experiment will be something like a 2.5-2-1.5.

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Temp started climbing fast around 5.5 hrs. Pulled the flat and it was reading 201-204. It's on the dry side but the flavor is good. Overall I'll call it a success but I still lean towards low and slow. I'll try a hot and fast once in a while to see if I can improve it.

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I did brisket indirectly on a gas grill with a smoke box before I got my smoker and joined here. I only counted the time that I've had the smoker in how long I've been smoking.

Also, I'm not trying to discount what anyone says, if you prefer low and slow then fine, just don't say that it can't be done in 5 hours or it won't be any good if you do it that way. With it directly on the grate for 3 hours at 250* it gets a good bark and the temp will come up to around 185* after it's been in the foil for two hours. Actually I think my last one got up to 190-195*, so if you want to leave it in until it reaches 205*, then it shouldn't take very long at all. It's a procedure that a rancher / restaurant owner told me when I bought my 1st brisket from him. That man knows more about meat and smoking than I ever will.

I'll be the first person to tell you when I don't know something, but when I DO know something from experience, it irritates me to no extent when people argue with me like I don't have a clue just because they always do it differently.

Sorry to be so long-winded, and I hope that I haven't offended anyone.

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The penultimate paragraph puts you in my good books, as if it mattered. I too know what I know, while also knowing what I don't know. Thanks for sticking to your POV.
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I did not say it won't be any good if you do it that way. I DID say I ddin't think a brisket of that size would cook that fast.

Clearly I was wrong. icon_redface.gif Assuming it was really cooking at 275°.biggrin.gif

Again, that depends on the size. It may work on a 6 pound flat but on a 15 pound unseparated packer, that won't be the case. Details do matter, and I apologize for getting all nit-picky on you.

But enough with the thread hijack.

Good lookin' brisket, ryanhoelzer. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif You've got me wanting to try some higher heat stuff now.

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Just smoked a 15 lber @ 275° in 10 hrs..this is a first. Now I did trim almost 2 lbs off of non-renderable fat. But still..that brings it down to appx a 13 lber. Still should've taken longer. I usually smoke prime cuts however this was a CAB Choice cut with decent marbling . Leads me to believe that all brisket's truly are different. U just never know.
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