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Free range

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Alright so iv never had store bought free range chicken. I found one at wal-mart for $3.88 and I figured what the hell.

Last time I did chicken I tried brining and wasn't pleased with the results. So I figured I would keep it simple...

Here was my rub concoction dont ask me how much of what because it was a little of each until I thought it tasted good but I will say they were about 2tb spoons each.

The bird

Rubbed down

Tied up and ready for some smoke. The reason I tied it up is I was watching No reservations and Anthony was seeing a guy about some AWESOME chicken he does. Well he tied it up really tight because he said it keeps it together and it all cooks together much more evenly. So I used sewing string and it worked like a champ!. Also this guy put all of his seasoning inside the bird because he said they cook outward. So Thats what I did with mine and I also stuffed it under the skin on the outside.

In the smoker with the gang.

Look at that beauty!

Yes I finished the other stuff on the grill for a few mins. Steak just needs that char.

SO juicy!

I want to say I am not a fan of white meat as it is usually to dry for me. Well today I am a changed man! I ate the crap out of the white meat! So good, the little blend of spices was amazing and gave the bird a nice zip.

Also I dont know how much of a difference it made that it was free range but never the less it was DARN good eats!

Yep... I eat like a poor college kid.

Smoker temp: 245
Wood: Cherry/Apple mix
Internal temp: 167

I know I will be doing this again for $3.88!!!!
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Hey that looks like one of those free range you did a great job congrats . You need some points.gifpoints.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great!

And if you were serving me, you would either need to call that appetizers or FILL THAT PLATE UP! biggrin.gif
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Didn't I just see this pic over there -------------->>>>????? LOL!!! I posted on your other post.
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Ha thanks guys!

My portion size has decreased a lot since X-mas. Thanks to my beer brewing and this dang site I was putting on some LB's!

Since Xmas I have lost 34lbs. I plan on keeping it off, but it is temping when I pull stuff like this out of the smoker.
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Well get rid of that Mac and cheese and you want have a problem...icon_smile.gif
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Man that chicken looks juicy. Plan on smoking a chicken up this weekend ill have to try winding it it together with string like that. Nice job tho. And i bet that sampler plate you had there was a tasty teaser. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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that sure looks like some good chicken there,nice and juicey!!! recommend you not smoke other things below the poultry though... if you must keep the bird on top maybe a pan below it or just put the bird on the bottom... just to be safe and avoid cross contamination. great looking smoker full!!!points.gif
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points.gif very nice !!!!!
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I'll second Erain, with the advice, and the points.gifthat is some damn fine looking.... well Everything!

I'll have to give the "tie up" trick a try next time I do yard bird.
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I'll second that, if you're worried about gaining a little extra lbs. just send some my way icon_mrgreen.gif nice looking bird...points.gif
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Man that all looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good.

Now I wonder if you did a plain old yardbird vs a free range would there be any taste difference, all things being the same?
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Thanks guys!

Werdwolf, that is my biggest question. I may have to try that sometime later.
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