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My last freezer build

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This is the last smoker I built. It worked great for a few years until I got tired of moving it around. So I sold it.

This unit was pretty big for a freezer smoker. It was a newer freezer with all plastic on the inside. That all had to obviously go. I wanted to use the existing door but I also wanted to separate access to the smoke and water so I raised the freezer up and built a steel box under it. Which gave me room to add a separate door. Building that extra box on the bottom gave me a chance to put some sturdy legs on it with some wheels so I could move it around. Since the heat source was moved down, I decided to go ahead and line the inside of the freezer and door with plywood. Which worked out great. The heat source for this thing is electric. I bought two 220v oven elements and mounted them both in the bottom of this thing. One of those was plenty, but I wanted to be able to crank it up when I started getting real hungry. Both elements were separately controlled with oven dials. They worked well as I was able to control the heat real well. They worked like a thermostat. Both elements were also ran threw a fuse box for the "just in case" scenario.

Well that was my baby for a while and now its gone. I got rid of it because it was too big. Now I want something bigger.

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Nice unit, Well thought out!!!
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