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Powder Coating

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My Dad and I have a pull behind rig. Is made out of metal for the frame and stainless panels inside the framed sections. I would like to get all the metal pats powder coated. The shop and all that I have read said the powder coating will hold up to the heat. Which usually doesn't get over 450 deg internally. Any one here have experience with powder coating their Smokers/BBQ and if so how is it holding up
Thanks Again
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I wondered about this myself, I will be watching.
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not on smokers, but have seen motorcycle tailpipes that are powdercoated, and they hold up. Powder coating is usually cured with heat around 360*F.
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Well I just found out I won't have a job after July one so wife said find a job and you can get it done. So on hold until I find a new Job :(
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I Have A Uds I Had Powder Coated Black At Work 2 Yrs. Ago And Its Holding Up Fine , Was Gloss Black But Due To The Heat , Its Now A Flat Black , But Other Than That Its Holding Up Fine .....
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