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Poll Results: What is your preferred fuel for smoking?

  • 8% (16)
    Gas (or propane) + Wood
  • 1% (3)
    Gas (or propane) + Wood + Charcoal (to supplement wood)
  • 24% (46)
    Charcoal + Wood
  • 40% (76)
    Lump Charcoal + Wood
  • 3% (6)
    Lump Charcoal Only
  • 11% (21)
    Wood Only
  • 7% (14)
    Electricity + Wood
  • 3% (7)
    Electricity + Wood + Charcoal (to supplement wood)
189 Total Votes  
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Charcoal and wood for me.....I have been real impressed with the Stubbs charcoal as of late...I will use a bag of RO lump on occasion..
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+1 on the Stubbs, love it. Stubbs is my go to charcoal now.
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Lump and wood, Mostly wood,
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Wicked Good Lump with some mixed in fruit wood chunks for me and the 5 assorted cookers.
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Use charcoal an wood chunks fer the drums. Works great an perty reasonable.

Course when I use the gosm, it's a gasser an some wood chunks an briqs. Course, it's feelin perty neglected most a the time.
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Hi, I'm a newbie and I just voted propane + wood because that's what I have. I'm interested in smoking and potentially a WSM and my researches led me here. Fascinating group with lots of great info. Rich
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Chipped oak for me - I have no choice! Then chunks of hickory/apple/peach for more/different/better flavor.
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I've had my Big Baby smoker for almost a year now and have only used lump and wood. I use the lump to start the fire, them pretty much use wood for the rest of the smoke.

I just finished my second smoker - a mini reverse flow. So far, all I've used in it was Stubbs charcoal for heat and oak wood for flavor. It has worked out really well.

I'm going to smoke up 3 yard birds in it Sunday for Ma's day and will use the Stubbs/oak method. This is my first attempt at smoking birds, but I think it will be OK!
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lump charcoal and wood here
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i use kingsford bricks to get started then add in small sticks of hickory and oak. I am somewhat required to use kingsford. my brother works there in the Belle, Mo plant. On the up side, i get it for FREE! I have found bricks alone don't keep the heat high enough in my homebuilt rig.
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Another RO lump and wood,usually hickory from a bag but I've got some oak, maple and cherry seasoning in the backyard.
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I have been using the Publix lump ($4.79 a bag)...

...and just purchased a bag of Stubbs and RO yesterday.

My go-to is Kingsford, but I the past couple days I have been trying the Publix lump and seeing how hot it burns/lasts compared to the Kingsford.

I only use the Kingsford because it's a little cheaper down here. For $1.50 more or so, depending on what I'm buying, I can get about 12lbs more of Kingsford (double pack about $8), which is why I use it.
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I like Ozark lump real well. RO works too. I haven't setteled on a favorite smoking wood yet. They all are great I think? I guess I use hickory most though?

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Just noticed this thread, I've been primarily using well seasoned oak for fuel that I start with a chimney full of lump charcoal.  I get the Cowboy brand from Ace Hardware.


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lump coal as a base, hot charcoal dumped over top, and wood chunks or chips for flavor, depending on what im smoking

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I've got wood     and that's what i use oak don't ya know

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My best tip to get smoke started immediately is to throw in handfuls of pistachio shells.

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Lump charcoal and usually hickory and maple
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Combo of charcoal and wood. Wood type I used depends on what sounds good at the time but hickory is my go to.
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