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first trky brst in ecb

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my first trky breast

cooked at about 250 windy hard to keep the temps in the ecb
8.25 pound 5.5 hours

yummy yummy


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Chin has been wiped. Now I can give you those points.giffor a delicious looking bird there.
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thx it was a work out almost forgot
used olive oil and soy for a base seasoned with cavenders greek season salt-free
half ass brine in whats this here sauce kosher salt onion garlic powder onion powder paprika
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Great job, nice color and looks very moist. points.gif
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that look very good
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Looks Great!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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big thx

thx for all the comps it was delicious

not a trky fan but this was good all gone but enough for sands and taters and gravy aka hot trky sandwiches

left over is allways better

forgot to add did beans in the smoker to ate em all
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Very nice. I want some.
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It looks great! Nice job.points.gif
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Great job

Nice looking turkey, great job points.gif
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Awesome looking turkey breast. points.gif
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