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First Smoke in Chargriller - Easy Chicken w/QView

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Hi all,

Please be kind, but this is my first smoke, and first smoke in my new chargriller. I used some applewood chips and smoked at around 250 for 2 hours. The chicken came out pretty juicy and I'm looking forward to something more ambitious in a week. No mods yet on the grill, but thinking about sealing the lid and adding the dryer vent. Here are a few pics.

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If you are happy with it then it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Nice color...
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any extra send my way
good job practice makes perfecticon_mrgreen.gif
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Sure, no problem...Just send me that leg on the end that you missed & we will call it even. Nice job btw. Now send that leg. tongue.gif
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Thanks everyone. There weren't any leftovers. My one year old son, who is generally a picky eater, cleaned out all the dark meat. He usually avoids chicken like the plague, but must've been something in the smoke. Bonus :)
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Very nice job Devin. The chicken looks really good. And it sounds like it passed the ultimate test -- your son liked it!

I'm practically just down the street from Kent -- next time you fire it up let mne know and I'll help make sure there are no leftovers!

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the chicken looks great n im sure it tasted just as good! here in michigan turkey seson opens monday so with any luck i'll get to try out smoking a breast.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Lokks good to me!! One question though, you said two hours in the smoke at about 250? Sounds good, but did you probe it??
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nice job with that chicken, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

also nice job with the pics, keep it up.
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Chicken looked great. Nice job on your first smoke on the C Griller.
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I use a Char Griller to and it works really well after I did the mods to it. The tuning plates are probable on of the best things I added. even heat all across the grates. Your chicken looks really good
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Looks like the chicken turned out good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, it said 250 on the char griller thermostat. Everything I've heard says that thing is usually off by 30 to 50 degrees, so I could have been at 280 or 300 - or it could have been 250. I like the River City BBQ gauges and I think I'll either put 1 in or 2, one on each side of the grill.
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