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Rust removal for smokers

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My firebox and a few other areas have some rust I need to remove. What rust remover would you all suggest that I use to remove the rust with?
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Sandpaper and good old fashioned elbow grease. icon_mrgreen.gif Once the rust is removed, make sure to apply high heat primer and high heat paint and you'll be good to go.
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Either that or a wirewheel and a drill or angle grinder.

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Yea I wouldn't recommend using any chemical remover use a wire weel with a drill or by hand.
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I use a grinder with a wire wheel. This year I'm going to try oil on the firebox to help with the rust. I painted 2 times last year. Not that I mind painting it but if I can just re-season it after a cook and it keeps the rust off I would rather do that.
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I have used Naval Jelly Rust Remover before but not on the inside ONLY on the outside. Make sure to give it a good bath after.

Not sure if I would use it or not but this place sells "biodegradable safe rust remover and degreaser/neutralizer".
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Bingo. Just wire brush the loose rust off and spray it down with non stick spray. Been doing that on the lang about every month, works great!
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Tip for anyone using a motorized wire wheel. Use eye protection. Those wires can and do come flying off the wheel and it would really suck to catch one in the eye.
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I have a stick burner and every time I crank her up I let her get hot aand then I'll wipe the grill down a bit with a rag(really just enough to get the rag oily)and wipe my whole smoker down with it.Now I have used miine enough that some paint has scorched off but the metal under the paint looks as if it has a gunmetal blueing on it!That little habit saved the paint for a year of intense cooking.But with the look it has now, I like it better.If I get a little rust on it from a night outside in the rain, I just rub some more oil into it.Now I'm talking animal oil,not petrol.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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I used steel wool and a lot of elbow grease on mine. I've heard that rubbing down the outside of the smoker after each smoke (while the smoker is still warm to the touch) helps. I'll be trying that myself now that I've got a freshly painted smoker.
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So I also have rusting forming on the outside and inside of my firebox.  If I use the wire wheel or sandpaper to remove the rust do I need to repaint before smoking with it again or can I limp through doing this until the end of the season and just repaint it over the winter?  And is it OK to paint the inside of the firebox or no - seems to be some mixed thoughts there?  Thanks in advance!

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