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Smoked grilled Chicken Breasts & Pork Chops qview

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I have a short one tonight, so here we go. I was supposed to "STUFF" the breasts with cheese, BBQ sauce & mushrooms. Then the phone rings & I am talking long distance, working on autopilot. When I finally hang up, breasts & chops are on the grill. mad.gif What a nut!! Anyway, here is the outcome.

These are going to be smashed potatoes. These are red potatoes boiled until tender, about 20 - 25 minutes then smashed & grilled on a pan over lump on the charcoal griller.

After boiling.

And smashed with the appropriate seasoning in the background.

This is the line-up. Chicken breasts from vons & Pork Chops from Food-4-Less, bone in.

The chops get curry powder & the breasts get creole seasoning.

These are the potatoes after cooking.

And the meal plated. The chops & chicken were seared then smoked using indirect heat & pecan for 45 minutes for the chops & one hour for the breasts. Since I was using lump, my temps ran pretty good. I did not get the temp reading since I was using the griller as a grill but for indirect heat or reverse searing if you will, you can't beat it.

The breast was juicy of course & the chop was so tender. Another few minutes on the grill & there would have been some dryness. Of course what is a meail without the desert. Chocolate walnut brownie with Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream.

The young one thinks it's fantabulous.

And this is the portion the old man & wifey gets to eat.

Thank you for looking. Hope you enjoyed.
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Looks great Anthony.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you sir. I should've had more shots of the finished product but the swarm was hovering while I was cleaning up. Darn women. Oh well, next time.
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How often do you use the curry?? Looks like a fine job. Im not a big curry fan and here in Singapore its everywhere. Iver never used it at home while smoking...
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Thank you for the comment. I use curry often in soups & on Pork Chops. And mostly when grilling or baking the Chops as that is the only way I cook them. Have you tried it, ever?? It is really good & the heavier you use it, the spicier it kind of gets.
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Great job Caveman! I love curry on pork -- I think it works so well together. Tasty looking desert too!

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My daughter's choice of dessert. She loves it so much. Thank you for your comments. I love curry on pork as well, obviously.
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