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Termites an issue?

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Well just started splitting some of the hickory I got (thanks for the help identifying it). And it appears they are full of termites. First split and right there was the queen. Smoke it still or bag it up and toss it?
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I would get it the hell away from my house!
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Damn right, ya don't want that mess.
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Sure did! But still smoke-able?
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Toss it far far away.
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Use it and you can pick the termite grubs out as they come out of the log and with a little smoke and heat I bet they taste great and a good source of protein.

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Alright, thanks for the advice. Guess I won't be smoking it. I'll just go toss it in a dumpster somewhere.
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like yer ex-wife's or an old crappy boss.........
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I would use it...I really dont think its going to hurt you. I dont know that for sure, and im no doctor or a lawyer. But i dont see why it would. Just dont keep the wood in your house, garage, or stacked right next to either. In fact, i used some cherry with some larvae in it from im guessing was termites. Im still kicking. Theres bound to be some bugs in most wood thats been down for any amount of time.
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I would use it, but I would use it far away from my house, but then we live in a LOG HOUSE ! eek.gif
Those little guys would like my house as much as I like Bacon!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

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Use a WEED BURNER on it!!!

You could CHAR each piece with a weed burner and set them aside OUT IN THE SUN, like in the street, they will DIE immediately when crawling out of the log.

I AGREE get them away from your house, but termites are just about EVERYWHERE already.

Chances are you already have them under your house, they just don't consider all houses as a food source, but they are there anyway.
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I agree. I live in the middle of the woods. I have termites naturally everywhere. Never had any problems with my house.
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