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No worries. I don't know about the others, but I kind of like the "play by play" threads. Makes it like we're almost right there with ya. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Now pass me a beer, would ya? biggrin.gif

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Looks great, nice job points.gif
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I'm drinking Merlot from a box, and I'm proud of it -- I don't care what the wine snobs say!

Here's one for ya:

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That looks like a glass...lol Butt looks great...Good Job...
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Whoa -- I don't know if it's the glass that's tipsy or me. biggrin.gif

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The temp just got up to 204* so I took it out, wrapped it in a towel, and put it in a cooler. Unfortunately, the pan juices burned, so I can't use them for a finishing sauce. Next time I'll take them out when I foil it.

I'm looking forward to my midnight snack. smile.gif
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Yummy looking'excellent job points.gif
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The bone fell out while I was taking it out of the foil.

And here it is pulled:

Like I said, the lighting in my kitchen sucks, so it's hard to really see it in the pics.

Oh, man, this stuff is so good! It has a unique flavor that I can't even describe. I can definitely taste the hickory and the rub in it, though. It's gonna be great on a sammich with some sauce, but it's so late now -- I think that I'll stick it in the fridge and wait until tomorrow. I had a bite like 10 mins ago before I started this post, and the awesome taste is still in my mouth. YES!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Thank you everyone at SMF for teaching me how to make some incredibly delicious pulled pork!!!

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Hey Bret, you know what???
That pulled Pork looks GREAT !
Well worth a few of these----->>points.gif

Thanks for showing,
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That looks incredible! I still haven't done a butt yet, but this is perfect inspiration for us noobs. Now I can do one with a little more confidence.

Thanks for the post - great job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I always throw in a crushed charcoal lump at the beginning. It helps raise the temp as I heat up the MES, and I add another after the first hour of cook. I do get a smoke ring, but it may not be as wide as with other kinds of smokers.
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I add a bit more apple juice or water, if it seems to be cooking down too fast. It helps to retain the dripping juices.
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It looks wonderful. When's lunch....or even breakfast? Roll it in a tortilla with a bit of cheese and you're good to go.
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butt on the mes

I saw someone posted previously about this but i'll say it again. If you put a couple of lit briquets in your chip tray it will help you get a light smoke ring. More than w/ just the wood chips.
Also ,Is there a reason that you probe the meat in it's raw state ? There has been some discussion about this not being a safe practice .
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You did a great job and I know that it taste really good. I also know that it was a little stressful while doing your first. It was for me. I was not drinking any wine but I was drinking the hell out of that beer. It was a all nighter for me. Cant wait to do another one...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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I'll second that. Makes it almost like being there! Congrats on your successful first run at pulled pork. points.gif
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Looks great good job!
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It looks like you have a fine day for a smoke! Already injected, less work... It will be a great smoke I bet.

When you get around to injecting, I have been injecting mine with Cherry Dr. Pepper. I have got allot of great feedback from folks who have eaten it. Worth a try as is any other recipes out there. I have a post on it with HD video showing the entire process. Apple juice with some Cinnamon & brown sugar is good too.


Enjoy the sun and thin blue smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks as if you got it tuned right in...Now a long lazy day on the smoker and Voila!
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Thank you, everyone!!!

Since it would be a crime to eat all of this by myself, I called up my cousin, and I'm taking it over to his house Saturday evening.

What's the best way to heat it up? Maybe I should toss in some apple juice and warm it up in the oven around 300*? Please tell me!!! I don't want it to dry out. confused.gif
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