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Cornish Hens. Q-View.

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I smoked a couple of these little birds awhile back using the recipe found here Used apple wood. Used this same recipe for Thanks Giving and everyone enjoyed it.

Very tasty birds for me and all the guests. Meant to post this awhile ago but due to issues was unable to do so. In the end only got a couple picks to work but oh well better then non I guess.

Three ended up looking like this in the end and tasted great.

I had some issues with Temp on these as I did 6 of them at one time and the ones on the bottom rack cooked seemingly faster then the ones on the top. Ended up throwing a couple of them in the oven to finish off and forgot about them burning them a little.

The taste testers did not mind the burnt.

Thanks for looking.

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That's funny. They are all lined up, awaiting tasty morsels. Good job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great...Manthe taste testers were deffinantly paying attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good looking little birdies, I love smoking them. Nice looking buddie's ya got. I'm sure they get to share the goodies.
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Great Job

It looks like they turned out great. Now I will have to try them. :) I don't have the number of taste testers you do and I'm not sure how my two cats would go for it.
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Good looking hens and pups...
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