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old chest freezer build

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so a few q's that i have. i want to make it into a upright coal smoker. it has a metal insert and insulation then the outer metal. the metal insert is real cool and has a small compartment and a large one. my idea is that i can place a coal basket in the small section and drill holes into the divider then racks in the large section. can i leave the metal insert and insulation in it? it will be a 250*-300* smoker. any coments will be appreciated, thanks tim ps i will post pics tommorrow.
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First off - Welcome to SMF. Be sure to head over to Roll Call and get introduced to the rest of the folks here. There is alot of knowledge to be gain, but you can only read so much before you need to do the Trial-and-Error way of learning. You'll ruin some meat, but the majority of the time it is soooo good!

As to the freezer - I'd need to see puctures of it first, plus know how old it is. I am doing one now and it's shape is likely diffrent than yours.

My thoughts are that the insulation will not hold up to heat as it is. I stripped mine out and am replacing it with speacial stuff that is heat rated. Also, my project is electric heat element so I am not sure about your firebox idea (again, would need to see some qview of it).

Be patient, keep searching and you'll get plenty of answers. Remember anything plastic will need to go away from the interior!
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is the metal insert ok to use when it gets hot. i know back in the day there was some lead paint issues?
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Still not sure on specifics. What is the model and year? (should be somewhere on the back of the outer shell)
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all i found was a tag on the back with model DFS16 & serial#5177362 no brand. weird.
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Welcome to SMF. Can you post some pictures of your build so maybe we can see what your talking about????
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ill try to post some picks today after work( that is if i can confence my camera to work) .
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