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my 1st post & cabbage

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I love this forum and until this post I have been a yumlurker. All of you have helped me so much. But a post I read before my Sunday smoke made me so happy. It was about smokin cabbage. I cored one stuffed with butter whole garlic cloves and Italian dressing. Peppered the whole thing. Placed it in a aluminum pan and smoked with a combo of apple and hickory wood. 3 hours and I was blown away. This was simply amazing. I can't wait to add the bacon and play with this one. So good and thanks again.
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Hello there "Yumlurker." Welcome to SMF Menda. You should head over to the "Roll Call" area & introduce your self so that we can give you the warm welcome you deserve. Since you have been lurking, you probably know that if you don't post a qview, it is just a tad difficult to follow along with the description of your smoke. You know, pictures reinforce a story. Any way, it is good to have you here, enjoy your stay & have some fun. It's all about the smoke.
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Hello Menda,

Glad to see you here instead of the outside. Sooooo any meat in that cabbage??
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Welcome to SMF... I just read that cabbage post myself... might have to try that out this weekend...
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You might have just rekindled the flame for a smoked cabbage. Now all you need to do is brine a brisket for corned beef and then you will find yourself a new little place in heaven. Believe Me
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You too ? Awhile back I did one on my gas grille. Cored it out, filled with some pan fried bacon/onion/garlic mixture, then added some BBQ sauce in it, salt & pepper..............We love cabbage......Now you have me wanting to smoke one...........along with some ABT's........along with some _____ !
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Welcome to smf, sign up for Jeffs free 5 day course, and bring on the qview
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