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Drum sticks/chicken wings

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Well I get to my welding class today to show my teacher what i had been smokin with the smoker i made here and within seconds he demands i finish up MKI cuz we are smokin some chicken. So currently smokin up about 12 lbs of chicken at class. Qview to come.
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Sounds great, can't wait!
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How great is that, smoking while in class.
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I remeber in my High school days smoking something during class... but that wasnt chicken!
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All of it is done but before i could get pictures of the tray of chicken the vultures came and devoured all but about 3 wings/drumsticks so pictures on the grill will have to suffice they will be coming shortly.
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Yes now smoked yard bird will beat anyt apple you could give your teacher for sure. Well maybe next time on the Qview.
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Don't worry mballi3011, I won't leave ya hanging! tongue.gif

...As promised, here's the qview.

By the way this was the MKI smoker, MKII is much better. MKII is in the custom build section and is the smoker used in all my other posts.

Chicken came out very tasty. Smoked at 200-225 for 3 hours, unfortunately MKI refuses to get hotter than 250 even with mesquite and charcoal. icon_cool.gif
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Whats on teh chciken...It has a very nice color to it
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It's JB's Fat Boy Rub can't remember if it's premium or regular. We don't exactly have a kitchen in the welding shop and JB's is quick easy and fairly tasty.
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