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Upgrading from ECB

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I've had my ECB for less than 2 weeks and while it works fine after the mods, I want to migrate over to the more hassle-free electric style.

Will I notice a difference between charcoal vs. electric as far as texture and taste?

I'm looking for under $200 and found this on Amazon:

Is this a good one or is there a better one around the same price range?


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I would go with a masterbuilt or a smoke hollow electric smoker both are in your price range, I have a friend who has both and he tends to use the smoke hollow more. In my oponion there is a slight taste difference, to me charcoal just has a better tastee. But I am no expert I am sure someone will come along with more wisdom.

Ps , If you love the charcoal taste and want a no hassle charcoal smoker save a few more bucks and get a Weber Smokey Mountain, that is next on my list.
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Home Depot has the 30" MasterBuilt with the window on the front marked down to $174 if there's one close to you that still has it.

Actually, It shows online only with free shipping. I think they're marked down in the stores too.
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They are out of stock online and don't have it at my local store. I was looking at that one too.
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I was reading online that people say charcoal will taste better than electric... But for cost and ease, it seems like electric may be better for my busy schedule... I guess it makes sense that the combustion from charcoal creates a different taste/texture-- I'll just have to try it out and see...

I also read that one can put some charcoal on the heater element to give the charcoal "taste"? Has anyone ever done that?
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I have a MES 40 and a charcoal/stick burner (look at the avatar). With my kids I decided it would be safer to go electric till they are a bit older. I too was concerned about the flavor but have been supprised with the smoke flavor I have gotten with the MES. So far I think it will be a while before I go back I can easily fit 8 butts or 4 briskets in my MES and it costs next to nothing to run. If you play with the chips and how often to reload I think that you can cook with the best of them on this unit. One thing is I have yet to be able to produce bark on a briskit with it get nice bark on butts and ribs but not on beef. Look at all the MES owners on here you will not be dissapointed. Is it the last smoker I will ever use probably not I own two others and I am thinking next summer I will get a WSM but not to replace the MES I just like a lot of toys.
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