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hickory pork butt

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well after drooling over all the great looking pork butts done lately I finally decided to smoke one myself (the wife doesn't like pork so I stick to briskets normally).

Went to Sam's club and picked up a nice two pack (17 lbs)

injected with a combo of Dale's seasoning and garlic blended together

Then I scored one side and applied some carolina rump shake

into the smoke we go started about 6 pm saturday night during a bonfire so I was able to keep an eye on it all night

wrapped it up at 170 and then took it up to 200

It smelled so good coming off the smoker I was barely able to get the pics taken before people were shredding it for me
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Great job, looks tasty points.gif
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That looks juicy as all get out. I can't wait to do one.
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The pork looks awesome! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks great. I haven't smoked a butt in a while, mmm. Gots me thinkin' about this weekend...
Thanks for sharing and Q view.
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nice job there
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Shame on her....Nice job congrats...
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Thats a great job on your first butt, nice looking smoke ring and looks mighty moist, I bet it didnt last long. points.gif
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points.giffor your first one. It looks good. To bad about wifey & her choice. It seems as if we live by their choices, huh?
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Thanks everyone for the kind words
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Any chance you were able to change her mind after that beautiful piece of pork??? nice jobpoints.gif
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