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UDS with doors

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I've managed to make some progress. on the pics you can see that the doors are installed - the upper one already with the lock. the next step - to install the grate supports and the charcoal basket.
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very interesting concept. Thanks for sharing it.points.gif
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Whoa, neat. I thought about putting a fire door on my next UDS build.
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As long as you can get those doors sealed up good you should be in good shape.
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This is one of those things I have thought a lot about...BUT I just would hate to cut into that barrel and have the end result not seal
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Looks great, excellent job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi all
Thanx for your comments. the issue of sealing the door was taken into consideration.
As I wrote - the next step - the charcoal basket, soon on the screen next to you.
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Sealing the doors is not a problem. Put a bead of fireplace caulk on the
doors. a layer of vaseline on the barrel than shut the door overnight.I has worked fine for me. and only cost me about 6 bucks.Your build looks great so far.icon_wink.gif
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I like the concept of the doors. Makes for E Z smokin!!

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i wood like a small door down low on mine to tend to the coals easier
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I think that the lower door can be used also as the air intake (instead of the valves that are generally used). I will make a test to see if it works that way and if not, I'll add on the valves later.
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Interesting idea.

Remember, it takes very little air for a UDS to get out of control. I'll be interested in seeing your test runs. If you are able to load a full basket of fuel, light a small portion of it and not have it get out of control temp wise, that will be impressive. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I'm curious too, to see if indeed it will work that way and I promise to update and let you know when I'll do the first run.
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If it leaks too much and runs away on you with the door at least you can use a smaller basket and reload fuel as necessary. Kind of like a 22.5" WSM but at a much lower cost. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Either way it'll cook some meat.

So when's the trial run?

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I'm quite anxious myself to run it for the first time, but still some things has to be done first in order to finish it and I'm quite short of spare time. next week we have a holiday (independence day) but it's devoted to the family, so I hope that it will be shortly.
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AVZ - nice for stepping out side the box and going for a better mouse trap. Can't wait to hear your write up after you fire it up.
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