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I would have to say only the Marks. biggrin.gif
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Almost forgot, a big thanks to "yount" for this idea:

Picked up 5' of 3/8 ID PEX this weekend and some nylon washers. I used my brake hardline flare tool to flare the end of the PEX and ended up with the perfect stuffing tube for snack sticks. Also props to Bob (desertlites) who had emailed me pics of his PEX stuffing tube a couple months back. I was able to do 10lbs at a time with the homemade stuffing tube instead of having to reload collagen casings every 2 - 3 ft. like last time. It made for much easier stuffing of the snack sticks.
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Nice job, the only sausagefest, that I'd want to go to icon_smile.gif
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WOW thats a lot of variety great work PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I gotta throw some points your way. Great Job. points.gif
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That is a whole lot of tasty goodness right there. Bet that was a pretty enjoyable weekend. Awesome work on them sausages!
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As everyone else has said that's some awsome looking meat there, BUT I am even more impressed with the vacuum sealed keys and dip. That's just great. LMAO icon_twisted.gificon_lol.gif
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i want that sausage! icon_redface.gif
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We grilled some of it this weekend and it was superb. biggrin.gif
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