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I finally smoked for the first time (pics)

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Just finished eating my first smoke. I was apprehensive at first but as the temp held at 250 so did my confidence. Thanks to everyone that has given me guidance and advice from smoker mods to finishing this meat...

One problem I found is with my wood chunks.. Once the coals near then started to ash the chunks caught fire which produced thick smoke and high temps. I tried wrapping in foil and making a hole but the wood chunks caught fire inside the foil pouches. I wish this meat had more of a smoke flavor but it was there just mildly. How can I keep my chunks for turning into fireballs? Other than that here is are the pics

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Looks like you did a great smoke. congrats.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks quite tasty to me, you did a great job, so you've earned some points.gif
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Great lookin 1st smoke!
When i had my offset i found some small foil loaf pans at wal mart.
Stuff the pan w/ chips and cover tightly w/ a double layer of heavy duty soil.
poke 4 small holes in the foil and lay the pan next to the coals.
If you want to make foil packs , double the heavy duty foil and make sure that they are wrapped tightly and only put a few small holes in the top of the pack.

Hope this helps .
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Congrats on your first PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

points.giffor some tasty looking meat!
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I'll defer to those with more experience on the chunks. However, it seems like there isn't a lot you can do for the flaming. If you want more smoke flavor, my question is how long did you run smoke?

I had an old pro tell me wrapping in foil after the smoke is done will drive smoke flavor into te meat further.

THe other thing would be maybe a stronger wood.

I am still playing with all of this. One thing I have learned is to never panic. It seems things we fear ruining the meat (Heavy Smoke) often aren't as bad as we fear.

Good looking meat there. If you are under smoked, it is easier to add smoke than take it out. Keep at it, looks good
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Way to go on the first smoke.points.gif

Put the chunks in a steel pan, cover with foil and poke a few holes in it.
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Now your smoke came out just fine and it looks awesome and I hate to be THAT one "I told you so". You did a great job and I bet everyone liked it too. Right. Now you have that one under your belt so go grab something else and keep on smokin my friend. points.giffor something I KNEW you would do.
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Glad to see things turned out ok for you PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice smoke ring, bark and looks moist. What else could you ask for? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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very nice looking smoke congrats
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The meat looks great. Congrats on your smoke.

As for the wood chunks flaming up; there are several reasons, your base temps could be too hot, the wood may be too dry...You will discover as you smoke more that there are no absolutes. You'll learn to adjust as you go along. What's great about smokin' & grillin' is that pretty well you can still eat your mistakes.
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Wow excellent job that had to be good points.gif
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nice job!!
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Soak those chunks overnight next time, and it should help.
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looks great man keep it up! ! ! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks everyone.. I'd like to get more meat soon but right now we are handling the final preperations for my wedding may 1st so no more play money till after..
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Looks good brother!points.gif
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Hey man, the bark looked good & the smoke ring was sparkling as well. Usually, when my chunks catch fire, I toss in another one. I like the suggestions that were made but the soaking the wood, I am impartial to that one. I am not knocking the post or the poster but if you check out this video, then you can make your own mind up about soaking.


Good luck.
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Looks wonderful to me.....wished I could taste test !
I'm still learing this "thin blue smoke thing". Sometimes its too much & later, not enough ?.......well, just enjoy learning your smoker....I am !
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