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I bought a pack of 18 wings (36 pieces), and just used all the sauce. I didn't have the patience to let it sit, but I did heat it up a bit to help the flavors meld. And I think they are even better the next day!
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I bet, my wife always hides them so I dont get to try them after the first day. icon_neutral.gif
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Thanks But!

Thanks so much, But it does not show for me. Like I said I guess I am blind but have read everything top to bottom and upside down LOL Nothing.
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I put this into my favorites IMMEDIATeLY love wings but also love Korean & Asian BBQ different flavor-anyway-BTW I think of wings in pounds rather than a count-for example WalMart family pack is 4.5 lbs @ $2.00 lb. Foodsaver is $1.89 lb but smaller wings and WalMart gets turned over faster-small but important to me for freshness.

korean wing sauce is:

6 tbsp Shark brand Sriracha
1 tbsp habanero hot sauce
3 serrano peppers minced
6 cloves garlic minced
10 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp ground ginger
1tsp soy sauce
5 tbsp lemon juice
black pepper to taste.
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds
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I done!

No such thing but thanks.
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no such thing?? what do you mean? do you see the recipe now?
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Now I do LOL

Yea now I do. It didn't show more pages. But I found it. Thanks so much. Man i had a tough time. I know it was self inflected! Thanks again.
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I'll take your word for it..But I think...wait for it.... gotta have some soon...They look great.
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Another recipe for the box!
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Originally Posted by Stodgers View Post

Another recipe for the box!

That's what I like.. a good thread revisited... icon14.gif Stodgers
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I must be blind or missing something obvious. I followed the link to the post of the wings   :drool:but scanned through 4 pages of posts and don't see the recipe anywhere 102.gif HELLLP !  I really wanna make those wings !!  Lil help here please ??

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